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Here is a list of pros of buying a property with ATAMO

  • You will save money by not paying interest on a home loan for 20 years. This may seem like an especially attractive proposition if you can then invest any of the money you would have been paying in a tax free account.
  • You will avoid having to worry about being approved for a loan, as well as paying the bond registration costs.
  • Your credit record will also not come into question, which could be a factor if you have had some money trouble in the past that you think might prevent you from being able to secure a loan.
  • You will have 100% equity in your home, which you should theoretically be able to access if you need money for an emergency, and you may find personal satisfaction in owning your home “outright”.
  • You will be an attractive buyer to serious sellers, and the prospect of being able to conclude a faster, simpler deal may even enable you to negotiate a better price.
  • You can move in immediately as soon as you make full amount of selling price.

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